The Case For Combining SEO and Content Marketing In Your Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is all the rage as an effective way to connect with customers without using marketing strategies that will potentially turn them off. Content marketing has pushed marketing teams to become more creative and expand the scope of their marketing campaigns. Since it has taken off it has transformed marketing strategy by encouraging marketers to think about how they can use their skillsets and content to create value for a customer in a way that builds a strong relationship with them. Content marketing pushed marketing teams to realize that ebooks, blogs, videos, podcasts and even short films can be tools that can be used to not only introduce a customer to a new brand in an enjoyable way but that they could be strategically employed to begin the journey of moving a customer from the beginning stages of first learning about a brand to making a decision to purchase that brand’s products or services.

Everyone knows that potential customers are more likely to patronize businesses that have demonstrated their value through creating content such as blog posts or email newsletters that are relevant to the customer and that helps them solve potential problems. The discipline of content marketing is a great way to enhance brand awareness through tactics like maintaining a company blog that might give customers useful information about maintaining their HVAC and through building customer loyalty and trust. Consumers are probably much more likely to trust a brand or company that has given them valuable information through a company blog than they are to trust a random brand with no content marketing presence that they are also unfamiliar with.

In some ways it can seem as though content marketing is spoken about with a lot more frequency than the marketing technique of Search Engine Optimization these days. But while content marketing has certainly created many more opportunities for brands to effectively market themselves to potential customers Search Engine Optimization certainly remains a useful way for companies to get their marketing messages out to the right consumers. As one marketing expert has noted marketing professionals often do not discuss content marketing and search engine optimization in tandem with one another. This phenomenon is a mistake. It turns out that search engine optimization can actually enhance content marketing efforts.

One of the ways that search engine optimization can enhance content marketing is through distribution. Search Engine Optimization is simply a much more effective way to distribute content marketing. Currently many content marketers use distributions methods such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Mailchimp to distribute their content marketing messages to potential customers. While these distribution methods are useful (for example Facebook has 2 billion users) they are not always as effective as a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy. This is because Search Engine Optimization enables users to find content marketing messages when they need it and not when a marketing team happens to tweet or send out an email. Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing can be deployed in such a way where one enhances the other. One simple strategy for getting the most out of SEO and content marketing is to put effort into producing the best content marketing that you can and to give that content the best shot you can through publicity efforts and building partnerships with blogs that might allow you to post it.


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